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Writing an Ebook

Writing an ebook can bring you extra income and a little fame too!
It's been said that everyone has a book in them, waiting to be written, right from their own experience. At first glance, you may say, “Nope. Not me.” However, consider this. Everyone is unique and has knowledge, experiences and viewpoints which other people do not. If this weren't true, no one would have any friends. Your friends enjoy your company and conversation because your perspectives are different from theirs, or you know about things they don't. People enjoy learning and exchanging ideas with others. Maybe you're just interesting to your friends.

Are you the girl who grew up with lots of pets and learned how to remedy their illnesses from your Dad or grandmother? Did you grow up in poverty and learn everything there is to know about being thrifty? Maybe your parents were travelers and you know all about cultural differences. Whether your experiences have been what you consider ordinary or what others consider exotic, you can be sure there are people everywhere who haven't lived your life. People are curious and what seems run of the mill to you is a new and fascinating bit of life that interests a segment of the population. Writing an ebook is a simple, inexpensive way to share what you know and possibly make a difference in the world. You can also make a little money by writing an ebook!

Lots of people will ditch the idea out of hand, saying, “But I'm not a writer!” You might be surprised. Let's say you're the one who knows all about the natural remedies that cure your pets of ailments the vet says are incurable. I know a woman who has just this talent, but lacks the confidence to write down her knowledge. She thinks no one would be interested, far from paying to have the benefit of her many years of practice. No matter how hard I tried to get her to pursue this, she just didn't think it was viable.

Writing an ebook is so easy these days. There are lots of software programs which will convert a simple text file to a .pdf format. That's all it takes to write an ebook.

Start with an outline of your subject of expertise. Cover the major topics and then fill out each area of sub-topics. Then start writing. If you're not a polished writer, take your manuscript to an English instructor at your local community college. That prof can turn you on to English majors who can edit and polish your manuscript for a nominal amount of money, and turn out an ebook you can market.

You can market your ebook through your own website, advertise through ezines, with excerpts from your ebook, or even list with Amazon.

Writing an ebook can be personally rewarding, help others, earn some money and bring you just a bit of fame in your circle of friends.

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