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Success Delayers

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Success Delayers

Why the success is delayed, why my success delay.

Success Delayers: we all love to do the easy things instead of what needs.
In the bottom line when examining the success or the failure the key is Time management. what you did with your time to achieve your goal. did you focus on your project or Maybe in other  things. or maybe you did what you have been  requested from others to achieve their goals .
I know that if you want to do all the things in order to satisfy all  it's impossible.
For example here few tasks  that every one of them important.
1. The upkeep your house like repairs or Redecorating.
2. Investments.
3. Help to the children
4. Backup your PC.
5. working with your Hobby 
and this is just a fraction from what you need to do. many other things that if you going to work on them you will not have time at all and you will not progress on your main task.
so if we understand that there is no time to all, the conclusion is 80:20 this mean giving 80% to your main task and 20% for all others.
Maybe when we will succeed we will be able to bring help by paying others for all the things.
The major thing  that you need to be careful from it  the most is new projects.
it is nice to enter new enterprise but it takes a great deal of time and takes you out from your major goal. all the time I stops myself not to enter new project before finishing the one i am working now.
We as enterprisers love to enter new adventures. But if you did not fulfill  the potential of the present initiative and it  does not run on autopilot. Forbid yourself any new initiative that  will draw from you time and thinking and energy that you need to the present initiative.
One of the things that waste time is malfunction things. if you have non working object do not try to fixit. this takes much time to investigate, to clarify, to try, to ask, to learn. For example I see that software does not work in the version A and work fine in the version B don't spend too much time to make it work on both. it's a waste of time don't try operate it in the two versions.
Here is an example of something not necessary I just received from Microsoft a letter that offers  me to participate in exam and if i will succeed the test i will join a lottery prize. I did not took it. in my opinion taking the exam  means waist of 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
so I am saying  be careful from all kinds of temptations on the internet.
Last All of us do errors! the question is in what size is the error and how many errors. Only those who is not doing anything does not do errors.

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